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Kyani Triangle of Health
Kyani Triangle of Health
Moko1 Kyani

Kyani Triangle of Health

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Wellness Simplified

Imagine if you could search the world for the most potent and remarkable ingredients and combine them to form a simple, yet extraordinary nutrition system. No need to update your passport. Kyäni has done it for you!

The Kyäni Triangle of Health features three key product families:

  • Kyäni Sunrise
  • Kyäni Sunset, and
  • Kyäni Nitro
Together, the products work to provide your family with hard-to-match nutrition for optimal wellness. Among many foods and botanicals, the Triangle of Health offers the power of Wild Alaskan Blueberries, Omega-3s from Wild Alaskan Salmon, Vitamins C, B Group and D, nitrates from Noni fruit, Magnesium and Zinc, in one easy-to-use system.

Experience the nutritional benefits for yourself. Try the Kyäni Triangle of health today! For more on these amazing products, click .

Click here to see a short video highlighting the power of these products

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